Preparing Your Home Renovation

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You’ve been quarantined to your house for quite a few weeks now. Have you adapted to homeschooling yet? Have you read that book that you been meaning to get to yet? Have you been binge watching your favorite Netflix shows? Or, have you been thinking about your next home renovation?

Since it doesn’t look like we are getting out of this any time soon, due to COVID-19, we want to help you prepare for some of your own home renovations. Whether you just want to turn that 1990’s kitchen into a modern kitchen, or if you’re prepared to take on a whole house reno project, we’ve got some tips for you to get started!


Determine how much you want to spend on your project. This is also the time to decide exactly what kind/color of paint you want, flooring, light fixtures, furniture and appliances you want; be sure to add this into your budget when determining cost. You want to give yourself a little bit of cushion in your budget in case you run into any sort of problems that are un-avoidable (For example: if the wood framing behind your walls are rotted and need replaced, you will be prepared).

Clean Out

Before you start any renovation, you want to clean out any un-wanted items in the area that you’re renovating. This is the prime time to declutter messes, also. Create a pile of wants and a pile of don’t wants to donate to your local Goodwill Store.

Pack it Up

After having compiled your ‘want’ pile of items, you’ll need to box them up to move out temporarily. If you decide to go in on a bedroom reno, you’ll need to pack up clothes and smaller items, all of your bedding, and the big furniture items like the bed, dressers and nightstands. If you’re renovating your bathroom, take out all of your washing products, towels, rugs and extra Knick knacks, and box it all up! For a kitchen, make sure that you’re taking precautions on the frozen foods and keep them cold, should you decide to purchase a new one or move around the old refrigerator.

Pick and Choose

While you’re packing up your items, you need to determine which items are essential for you to use on a daily basis and keep those items out.

Map it Out

Now that the basics are out of the way, you need direction on how you’re going to start the demolition process (if you have something to demo). Map out your project from start to finish; from tearing down walls to putting the finishing trim on the walls. Having an agenda of your process and steps that you’re working on each day will save you a lot of wasted time twiddling your thumbs around not knowing what to do next.

Prepare the Rooms

Take down all the pictures on the walls and cover the big items that you couldn’t move out of the room. Smaller renovations, such as not replacing the floor and only painting the walls, won’t require you to completely move the furniture out of the room, therefore, you’ll just move it all to the center and cover it with a big plastic cover to avoid getting dust and paint on it. For a bigger renovation, such as replacing the floor, taking down walls and/or scraping off that popcorn ceiling, you’ll want to try and move all of the furniture out of the room, if possible.

Have a Backup Plan

If your renovations take a turn and they extend to doing more than one room, be sure that you have one room prepared to be able to sleep in. If you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom, be prepared to have somewhere to cook meals and take showers if you don’t have another bathroom in the house or if you take out all of the appliances in the kitchen.

All of these are small and simple steps to get you ready for a home renovation. At ARC Residential, we understand the extent of this quarantine we want to help you with any of your reno. questions or needs. If you have any questions, contact us.


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