Needs and Options Review

It is not uncommon for people to know they want to do a building project, and have thought about it quite a bit – but just don’t know how best to start. Or worse, launch into an expensive design service without establishing a relationship or worse still, not carefully established the groundwork for the project.

When considering renovating your character home the high-level Needs and Options Review with ARC Residential is the first step.

  • Obtain a certified designer’s and builder’s opinion on the feasibility of the project – one who is experienced in the type of project you’re facing
  • Produce an outline brief that provides the “DNA” for future work – detailing rooms, connections, orientation etc…
  • Discuss potential solutions at a high level that encourages ongoing testing of ideas – “Design Thinking”
  • Discuss the ‘look and feel’ of a potential scheme
  • Discuss the functional viability of the project and your ideas
  • Prepare sketches of possible layout options
  • Provide preliminary rough order of cost estimate of construction for budget usage
  • Provide a preliminary program or timeline
  • Production of report including the above
  • All travel prices included in price for Atlanta metro area (other areas beyond this area are priced at ‘cost’)
  • Report includes schedule of services and fee proposal on next stages of project
  • Optional: Provide preliminary planning review (by Planner)

Phase I: Initial Scoping Discussion – An outline brief for your project.

  • Meet onsite & discuss the project Review current function & design
  • Clarify issues; discuss options and current thinking
  • Clarify project aims & vision; themes & drivers
  • You provide: existing site & background information (plans, HOA or Municipality design requirements, etc.)

Phase II: Options Sketches – Options development and analysis.

  • Explore potential spatial relationships, connections & future proofing options
  • Prepare freehand concept options
  • Provide preliminary straight-line program Prepare and present report

Download the complete Needs and Options Review for further detail and client discussion/agreement form.