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From our Certified Professional Building Designer, Tom Rogers:

“I need a master bath for resale”

It seems that every time I speak with a new customer, the subject always comes up about resale. I never understood why when someone is buying their most important and, most likely, highest priced item they have ever bought, they end up worrying about items for when they decide, or if they decide to sell their new house. The biggest one that I hear is, “I need a master bath for resale”.

I guess it has something to do with the historical aspect of what people have always known of a master bathroom. 20 to 30 years ago, a master bathroom consisted of at least four or five major pieces: sinks (the old days of a wash basin was not in vogue yet and the bigger baths had the luxury of two sinks; have you ever seen the difference in hygiene between men and women?), toilet, bathtub and shower. I suppose it was during this time that people believed that a large bathroom with separate shower and bath was a sign of luxury.

These same homeowners have heard many times before, from real estate professionals, that a real master bath has a separate tub and shower; I have recently wondered why this is to be true, especially when we are designing THEIR new home.

The above picture is a typical master bathroom layout. Shower, bathtub, sinks and, of course, a toilet. This is standard and is what, many times, realtors are stating is needed for resale.

But how much should you determine what you need to do for resale? In other words, when you get ready to sell, you normally add a coat of paint or perhaps freshen up some other areas, but do you need to remodel a bathroom or change the tile and carpet for the next owner?

My question is, what do you know about the person who you are going to sell it to? How do you know what they like?

The same is true with a master tub. Will the people that you are selling to want a tub?  Are they a younger couple or an older couple? What do they do for a living and what do they do in their spare time? The truth is, in today’s world, people tend not to have time to “relax” anymore.  Family activities, work and other obligations consume a lot more time, therefore the days of relaxing in a tub or just taking a bath, may be out.

I used to believe that boomers and seniors would be more prone to taking baths, however, after recently dealing with an elderly family member, the fear of “slipping in the shower” was overshadowed by the “ease of getting in and out of tub”.  With the master bathroom being a place that you see at the beginning and end of each day, it needs to be a place that is satisfied with, and not wondering what you need to do for the next owner. Remember, by taking out a large tub, it frees up space to be utilized for a larger walk-in shower, in which many times allots room for seats, body sprayers or overhead rain shower heads.

All of this will give the bathroom a much more inviting and, in many cases, sell-able space, rather than having the look of the master tub that rarely, or never, gets used.

If you have another bathroom in your home that does have a tub, then the biggest issue of not having any tub (for small children or washing pet) is already taken care of, even more so if you your home is a one level home.

With more and more time being taken up by other activities, your home should be your home, in which you enjoy. Don’t worry so much about what the house will be for the next person but enjoy your investment into the home that you want.

Just so much as you remodeled for you preferences, the person you sell to will have the opportunity to do the same.


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