Home Buyer’s Characteristics Part 3: The Tiger

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As Charles Clarke III stated,” We do things out of habit, combing our hair, brushing our teeth. We’re creatures of habit even in our sales centers. We’re selling homes the same way every day, building them, advertising them and merchandising them the same way out of habit.”

“But if a salesperson always uses the same presentation and if builders always use the same advertising and merchandising, then they are turning off 75 percent of the people all the time,” he said.

We have been discussing Clarke’ theory, Bulls, Owls, Lambs, and Tigers program in the past few blogs. To recap, we’ve discussed that bulls like their “me” space and owls like neutral colors and organization. Next, we’re talking the Tiger.

It’s important to understand the different personalities of home owners because not everyone is the same, and each person has their own taste in the design of their home.

“Tigers are both highly assertive and highly emotional”

high vaulted ceilings

Unlike the Owl who is very well-organized and likes things to have a purpose, tigers like to show off their esteemed house with any and everything in it and are a little disorganized. In the article, Home Buyers, From Tigers to Owls, Are Creatures of Habits, Clarke states that,” A Tiger is emotional and wants the excitement of the space and doesn’t care about the energy bill.”

A tiger is not necessarily into the intricate details of the home (i.e. crown molding, certain fixtures and floors, etc.) but is more or less interested in what a home has to offer; they like the high vaulted ceilings with a lot of space to show off. The space might not be needed but they just want it to say they have it. Tigers are so much more into showing off their home over the importance of the security of the home.

The disorganization that comes along with a Tiger personality stems from the fast-paced-ness they possess. In their every-day life, a tiger is often late to wherever they’re going; be it, an appointment, work, dance recital, football practice, you name it, a tiger is a late kind of person. The fast-paced-ness is their energetic “go-go-go” all the time. They’re quick to make fast decisions on things, as well.

It’s important to always check in and make sure the tiger is on top of any responsibility that they’re given, in order to get things done quickly.

“Tigers like to show off all of the space they have with high ceilings and mirrors.”

With this energetic, high-paced stamina, a tiger’s strong personality demonstrates their talkative and social side. Relationships are key for a tiger, which shows when they begin to engage with a builder/designer who is working on their house. They often want to create a relationship before any business is discussed. The relationship that a tiger creates with a builder/designer is vital to their home building process because they want to know that they have full trust in someone to work on something so special for them.

If you’re a tiger, we want to help create your spacious abode! We’re here to serve every bull, owl, lamb and tiger in the way that each of them deserves. Let us know how we can help you on your next home project by going to our contact page on our website.

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