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When you think about the type of house you want, what comes to mind? Is it an open floor plan that sees the kitchen, living room/family room and dining room? Do you see yourself having neutral grays and whites throughout the house? Are you looking to have your own space that’s “your room”? Or do you want a country feel?

All of these are determining factors when home buyers decide what they want most in a house. Charles Clarke III developed a program to define a certain home buyer’s habits according to their personality types that is called the Bulls, Owls, Lambs and Tigers program.

In an article written by Steve Kerch, “Home Buyers, From Tigers to Owls, Are Creatures of Habits” he talks about Clarke’s theory and describes the type of a bull, owl, lamb and tiger:

“Owls are the least assertive and least emotional of the four. Bulls are highly assertive but show little emotion. Lambs show little assertiveness but are highly emotional, while Tigers are both highly assertive and highly emotional.”

An Owl prefers to have neutral colors used along with a lot of light to be in the house. They also want a lot of organization space throughout the house. Bulls, whose species are normally considered to be territorial, like their “Me space” in their own separate room as well as in their master bedroom when it comes to having his and her spaces.

Tigers like to show off all of the space they have with high ceilings and mirrors. As a lamb, you like a more country style look with open space from the kitchen to the living room, and specifically use more yellows or blues.

man cave Take a look at this man cave project during construction. This client wanted a separate space that was his “man cave”. This would display the characteristic of a bull.

Every home buyer’s needs are different and that’s okay

Everyone is a bit different and each house cannot have it all that’s why it is important for a home designer/builder to know who they are building for to determine what kind of home they need to build. They need to know if they have an owl who wants built-in shelves to suffice for their organizational needs or if they have a bull who will not settle for not having an office, entertainment area, or even their own sink in their bathroom.

By giving a lamb a bull’s want for separation in every room, you’re not filling the lamb’s want for an open concept. Lambs need their open space and bulls see that a kitchen is a kitchen and a living room is a living room; you can’t mix them together. A designer needs to be prepared to either close off every single room on the main level if they have a bull or be prepared to have an entire open space from the kitchen to the living room and to the dining room.

It is imperative for a designer/builder to know their client just as a real estate agent does. The designer/builder has to have the mentality of a bull, lamb, tiger and owl in order to fit the needs of their different clients. ARC Residential looks to serve every individual customer to fit their every need in a house.

Our designer and builder collaborate with the homeowner to determine want they need and, as a team, create the design, structure and layout together. We want to help serve your needs in your next build project. Let us help you and contact us for more information.


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