Home Buyer’s Characteristics Part 2: The Owl

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Home buyer’s personalities traits range and vary according to many different aspects. As we have been talking about in our past two blogs, Charles Clarke III’s theory called the Bulls, Owls, Lambs and Tigers program is the perfect way for builders to determine what kind of personality they are building for (Home Buyers, From Tigers to Owls, Are Creatures of Habits).

To refresh, we discussed home buyers’ characteristics of what they need in a home; an open concept (lamb), luxurious spacing with high vaulted ceilings (tiger), and specifically talked about bulls, who are territorial and like their “me” space.

In this blog, we want to touch on the Owl personality, which is attracted to neutral colors and organization.

”For an Owl house we`d use a lot of neutral grays and whites, lots of light. Owls have to have organized spaces, so you include a den where the radio/TV/stereo center is already built in.”

There is a little bit of organization in everyone but the owl, in particular, takes their organization to a whole other level in the comfort of their living spaces. So, if you’re anything similar to the quote, ”Homes are for free expression, not for a good impression” (Yours, Mine and Ours), then you might not be an owl.

Owls want things to go exactly where they’re supposed to go, no questions asked; everything has its own place where it belongs and is put away where no one can see it. As mentioned in our recent blog about the Bull, they like their compartmentalization for the reason of separation; a kitchen is a kitchen that should be divided from the living room, dining room, etc. However, an owl also likes partial compartmentalization for the fact that everything should be hidden away and out of sight where no one can see it.

Aside from the organizational side of the owl, there is the side that enjoys the not so dark and more neutral colors. What is exactly does neutral colors even mean? According to homedit.com, “Neutral, in this instance, means lacking or being without color. Or, in other words, unsaturated with color.” This gives the benefit of decorating a house with any other color of choice that will match any neutral color you choose.

closet organization

“Owls also like partial compartmentalization, but it`s because they don`t want anybody to see the mess in the kitchen.”

When building an Owls house, ensuring that they have plenty of storage room is key. As the article states, ”Owls have to have organized spaces, so you include a den where the radio/TV/stereo center is already built in.” Adding different elements to each room can surely suffice for an owl.

Besides a radio/TV/stereo center in the den, there can be a closet organizer that has many racks and drawers built in, for each room in the house. There could be plenty of shelves along with built in dividers in the linen closets as well as dividing up shelving in the pantry. The garage could potentially have built in shelving to help organize the outside supplies as well.

The organizational structure of the house is what the builder and designer are able to include in the layout of the home when building or adding onto a home. This is all done with the help of the owl, lamb, tiger and bull program to determine what kind of personality the builder/designer is working with and how they should design the house.

If you’re an owl, we want to help you with your organizational project! We’re here to serve every bull, owl, lamb and tiger in the way that each of them deserves. Let us know how we can help you on your next home project by going to our contact page on our website.


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