Home Buyer’s Characteristics Part 1: The Bull

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In our last blog post, “Home Buyer’s Needs” we discussed the importance of home builders knowing a client’s personality based off their wants and needs in a home which was based off of the article written by Steve Kerch, Home Buyers, From Tigers to Owls, Are Creatures of Habits.

In this article, Steve discuss’ Charles Clarke III’s theory called the Bulls, Owls, Lambs and Tigers program. Each home buyer possess’ their own characteristic of what they need in a home; whether it’s a open concept (lamb), neutral colors and organization (owl), luxurious spacing with high vaulted ceilings (tiger) or if it’s their own personal “me” space (bull).

In the next few blogs, we will be depicting each characteristic, one by one. To start with, we want to connect with the Bull.

Bulls are highly assertive but show little emotion”

Everyone likes their “me” time every now and then, and bulls display that in their home. This is shown by the much-needed additional room for a bull to have as their man-cave or even their craft room. This is the space that serves as their space where they can shut off the rest of the world and focus on themselves.

This isn’t to say that that is a bull’s only trait, however. A bull likes compartmentalization. Not to get it confused with an owl who also likes compartmentalization, bulls have different reasons for their needs. They like for a kitchen to be a kitchen and not be joined together by any other room (with possible exception to the dining room). The idea of an open concept floor plan is foreign to bulls as they like for rooms to be separate.

Bulls also like to have their own space in the master suite. There should be a ‘his and hers’ closet, a ‘his and hers’ sink and, if possible, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind ‘his and hers’ showers! Although the master suite is for the couple of the house, one out of the two who might have a bull mentality likely wants to have their own space, even in the two-person bedroom.

his and hers sinks

”Bulls have to have a `Me Room` that no one dare enter, an ego room for their own hobby or pursuits. You also have to show them a master bedroom large enough for both him and her to have a space of their own. They want black lacquers and hard surfaces and a functional kitchen.”

There is no exception to the outside of the house, when it comes to a bull’s needs; ever heard of a work-shop/shed? At times, a bull likes to have additional room for the outside toys that can’t come inside or can’t particularly fit inside. A shed is an additional space that a bull will settle for if the space is not allotted inside. Though a shed might be needed to house those garden tools, lawn care items, bikes, or other items, a bull might want to turn it in to a workstation for themselves.

For a designer/builder, it is important to know when they’re dealing with a bull. They must know a bull’s needs/wants in order to exceed every expectation they have. From the beginning, a bull should be asked how they would like their bedroom/bathroom to lay out, if they would like an additional room on the house for themselves or if they want a shed added to the backyard, so they can have that space instead or in addition to.

At ARC Residential, we’re here to serve every bull, owl, lamb and tiger. We want to help you determine your needs and wants in a home and put it into action. Let us know how we can help you on your next home project by going to our contact page on our website.


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