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A Great Addition to Your Home for the Holiday Season!

If you have spent any time looking through plans online or walking through homes for sale, you have most likely seen or heard of a flex room.

A flex room, by design definition, is a room that is located in an area of the house that can be utilized for a variety of different uses. Many times, the location is adjacent to the foyer or has access to a hallway; this allows the space to be used for a potential dining room.

Formal dining rooms are not as vogue as they were years ago as the family unit tends to congregate in a more open space kitchen/eating area. Even with formal meals, the eating area (if planned or decorated right) can be utilized for either formal or informal dinners. The traditional formal dining rooms are slowly being used one to two times a year or becoming a place to hold the mail and taxes.

Having a room off the foyer and nearby to the kitchen could easily be used as a dining room or an overflow eating area if needed but for the other 363 days or so of the year can be used for another purpose.

Perhaps you need a place for your daughter to practice piano or, in my case, we converted our room to playroom for our young boys so that they could be have a place for all of their toys and not under our feet in the middle of the family room. At the same time, being within sight of the kitchen, it’s easy to keep an eye on them when we were preparing meals.

There are other spaces that can be utilized by a flex room near the front of the house. On this plan below you see a space that is just off the foyer.

blue print of flex space

This space could be used as a formal living room or parlor; it could be a location where the family piano sits for a family member to go play. With it located in the front of the house, it also has the added advantage of being seen from the front and can be utilized to show off the piano.

The location of the flex room to Bedroom #2 and nearby bath, makes for an easy switch of closing in the opening and having a door to the room, along with the closets flanking the fireplace, makes it easily become a potential guestroom.

flex space formal living room idea

With it being close to the front door and away from the rest of the family’s living spaces, you can add a set of doors to the cased opening and have it as a home office or den, as shown above.

The closets that were created for the guest room could be converted to built-ins, wet bar or bookcases. This room is a great place to work from home or some take homework on the weekend; a place to relax in front of the fire or maybe just set up the Christmas tree or that leg lamp that glows holiday memories in the front widow.

Christmas tree in living roomLeg lamp in living room

Whatever you choose to do, choose to use ARC Residential for all of your renovating needs this holiday season! Visit our contact page for information to talk to us today.


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