Design-Build System

It takes an architect and builder with qualities and talent as a designer, while being pragmatic, practical and technical as an engineer at the same time. Also, it takes deep knowledge and understanding about various systems and construction process along with unquestionable honesty and reputation.

10 Advantages of


Where to Start?

Design-Build has many advantages over the traditional system where an owner himself hires an architect for design, engineers for technical trades, interior designers and a builder for construction. These are all independent people running independent businesses. Coordination between these individual teams while keeping track of the overall performance and progress of the project can get very challenging, often long and tortuous.

Not everyone can be a Design-Builder. It takes an architect and builder with qualities and talent as a designer, while being pragmatic, practical and technical as an engineer at the same time. It takes deep knowledge and understanding about various systems, construction process along with an unquestionable honesty and reputation.

Download the complete 10 Advantages of Design-Build Guide.

What Happens on Site?

More comprehensive site evaluation

Better design through understanding construction

Better construction through understanding design

Enhanced client communication

Better chances of getting the project built

What Are the Benefits?

Value based project design and results

Faster overall delivery

Single point of responsibility

Decreased administrative burden

Tighter knowledge and control of the project

With over 40 years of combined residential design and construction experience, ARC Residential is here to create and craft your new home construction or remodel.

Founded on the principles of old school business and construction, ARC Residential doesn’t set a program for a new project on WHAT is needed, but instead we listen to the needs and lifestyles of our clients and develop their new home design based on the HOW and WHY they live the way they do; and finish it off with quality construction you will be happy of and worthy of showing off. Let us listen to your dreams and craft them into reality. You will be happy you came to us.

Needs and Options Review

It is not uncommon for people to know they want to do a building project, and have thought about it quite a bit – but just don’t know how best to start. Or worse, launch into an expensive design service without establishing a relationship or worse still, not carefully established the groundwork for the project.

When considering renovating your character home the high-level Needs and Options Review with ARC Residential is the first step.

  • Obtain a certified designer’s and builder’s opinion on the feasibility of the project – one who is experienced in the type of project you’re facing
  • Produce an outline brief that provides the “DNA” for future work – detailing rooms, connections, orientation etc…
  • Discuss potential solutions at a high level that encourages ongoing testing of ideas – “Design Thinking”
  • Discuss the ‘look and feel’ of a potential scheme
  • Discuss the functional viability of the project and your ideas
  • Prepare sketches of possible layout options
  • Provide preliminary rough order of cost estimate of construction for budget usage
  • Provide a preliminary program or timeline
  • Production of report including the above
  • All travel prices included in price for Atlanta metro area (other areas beyond this area are priced at ‘cost’)
  • Report includes schedule of services and fee proposal on next stages of project
  • Optional: Provide preliminary planning review (by Planner)

Phase I: Initial Scoping Discussion – An outline brief for your project ($750.00)*.

  • Meet onsite & discuss the project Review current function & design
  • Clarify issues; discuss options and current thinking
  • Clarify project aims & vision; themes & drivers
  • You provide: existing site & background information (plans, HOA or Municipality design requirements, etc.)

Phase II: Options Sketches – Options development and analysis ($750.00)*.

  • Explore potential spatial relationships, connections & future proofing options
  • Prepare freehand concept options
  • Provide preliminary straight-line program Prepare and present report

*Total $1,500 up to 3000 s.f. ($.50/s.f above 3000 s.f.)

Download the complete Needs and Options Review for further detail and client discussion/agreement form.

Project Gallery

Making a customers dreams become reality within their budget is what we strive for everyday.


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Every remodel or new home construction we do is a project of passion. From the design of envisioning your dreams, to creating those dreams to reality; our team of experts will work with you from budget to paint selection to make your house a place that you will love to call home.

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